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Ellsworth Wareham, MD

Centenarian and heart surgeon Ellsworth Wareham, MD is living proof that lifestyle is the best medicine.

Haling from Loma Linda, CA, Dr. Wareham is still going strong at 101 years of age. He was among the earliest practitioners of open heart surgery and established the open heart surgery program at Loma Linda University Medical Center, where he was professor of surgery and chief of thoracic surgery for many years.

Dr. Wareham retired at the 'young' age of 74; continuing until age 95 to assist other cardiothoracic surgeons in the Los Angeles area, many of whom had been his students. Even though this involved him driving 120 miles round trip three to four times each week for 21 years, he never had a fender bender!

To this day, Dr. Wareham has no restriction in his physical activity: he climbs the stairs in his three-story home with ease and maintains his garden. His mental acuity belies his age. He credits his strong faith and a plant-based dietary lifestyle as major contributors of his good health throughout the years. He and his wife, Barbara, celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary earlier this year.

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