Ken Turner

Schaumburg High School
Science Teacher
Schaumburg, IL
The study of science brings clarity to chaos, illumination to mystery, and new horizons to our perspective.
Life, Learning, and Science are experiential. They cannot be done to you or for you.
Teacher of Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Chemistry of Foods (Certified Sanitation Instructor), Physical Science, and Biology, Schaumburg High School, Schaumburg, IL (1990-present)
Nursing Chemistry, University of Dubuque, IA (2013)
Materials Engineering and Design Honors, Chemistry Topics, Center for Talent Development, Northwestern University, IL (2005, 2006, 2012, 2013)
“Psychometric Properties of the Science Esteem Inventory”, published December 2011, The Journal of Materials Education
“Materials World Modules: A View From the Science Classroom” and “The MWM Approach to Technological Design”, published December, 2010; The Journal of Materials Education
“Seeing the Unseen: The Scanning Probe Microscope and Nanoscale Measurement” December, 2006; The Science Teacher
“Composites” and “Smart Sensors”, (Supplemental texts for Materials World Modules), Northwestern University Press; 1998, 2002
“Career Connections”, April, 1998; The Science Teacher
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